In this theme I was introduced to the basic terminology within user interface design, digital communication, user testing, and responsive web design. I have refreshed my skills in html and css coding as well as basics in Photoshop and Illustrator.



This module included development of video production, as a dramaturgy elements, film language, recording and editing techniques. I was expected to work in several different teams during this theme, so I have gained some experience working in the group as well.



This theme contained both individual and group productions. The main goal was to create a few interactive animations with an interactive story with focus on the story, a style, character design, animations and interactivity designed for a specific target group. I had to use my skills in sketching, hand drawing and then drawing visual universe and characters in illustrator. I have learned about animation principles which I used later and I had to expand my skills in HTML and CSS as well, because I had to add SVG files and audio elements to the site as well as use advanced selectors, transitions, keyframe animations, querySelector, events & eventListeners and so on. Despite the fact that it was a bit difficult I really enjoyed this theme.



This fourth theme gave me a basic understanding of how interaction between users and user interfaces works, as well as which theories, tools and methods I can use for research, design, testing and production of digital solutions for smartphones so that my work is based on specific insights about actual users instead of my own feelings.

I am 19 years old student from Slovakia. I consider myself as ambitious, reliable, well-organized and optimistic person. Although I think I'm hard-working, I'm not the type of person who can sit at the computer all day and work. I need to let off steam, which in my case means doing sport. I live active life, and I am constantly trying to take advantage of every minute of my day.

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